Discover More About Our Business Areas


We provide web and mobile development services for educational market creating fast solutions for educational establishments and other service providers. We can improve educational processes as well as organize or simplify managerial aspects of studying process.

Entertainment and Games

Our team is widely competitive in a big range of technologies creating games of any complexity. We also have got an exceptionally passionate approach to games development as it is always inspiring, joyful and fun.

Retail and E-commerce

We offer professional, analytical as well as technical support and guarantee to meet all your requirements and business goals. We work hard to improve every touch point, develop your connection with Customers and realize your business potential.

Transportation and Fleet Management Systems

We transform lots of math indices and lots of data into easy- to-use bright application which is ready to rule all transportation tasks easily and fast. Taking into account all business requirements and needs we create efficient customized systems specially for each Client.


We help companies manage their staff in the most efficient and pleasant way by implementing deep analytical tools, applying visual boards, organizing "easy path" for human resources development. We create smart and useful staff management mobile apps to keep employees happy and engaged.

Real Estate

We serve real estate&property companies by creating eye-catching industry-specific CRM, sales and marketing software. We specialize in developing B2B and B2C portals- e-platforms that help promote your products and services.


At Bizico we develop software applications for a wide variety of healthcare industry Customers. These solutions are made with the Client’s requirements to deliver better medical services for patients.


Developing comprehensive software for hospitality industry, we help our Customers drive new levels of usability in the changing hospitality environment.