About Us

Bizico team&family

Bizico is an outsourcing company that started its work for Clients in 2009. We create smart custom programs, smooth web and mobile solutions and provide valuable consultations on IT business implementation. 

We are open to new challenging projects and are ready to meet the most demanding requirements. The wide range of our experiences was formed by constant hard work, non-stop education and passionate love of our team members towards programming. 

Our engineers regularly participate in various IT conferences, educational programs and professional courses to improve their qualification levels and provide our customers with excellent quality using up-to-date technologies.

We are experienced in developing software for the HR areas, Restaurant business and other business spheres.

We are customer focused and keep our Clients happy.

 When become our Customer you get:

  • Responsible approach
  • Support and assistance
  • Friendly cooperation
  • Quick feedbacks
  • Maximum price advantage

Our first pre-project consultation is available for free in order to get to know us better.

 Join Bizico Family.

If you are a computer engineer/QA engineer, send your resume and be ready for an interview. The reasons to join us are listed here.